Outdoor Chalkboards

Outdoor Chalkboard


Outdoor chalkboards for children can fit into any size of garden, even a balcony or small patio garden. They represent good value for money as they can be used by children of all ages from toddlers through to teens.
Securely fix to a wall, solid fence or side of a garden shed that is visible from the house and if possible in some shade. Ensure that your smallest child can reach most of the board and consider placing the longest side horizontally. Use chalkboards specifically made for outdoor use as they will not warp. You may find that you have to use a wet cloth to wipe them clean.  Don’t forget to include a chalk container with drainage holes. The photo shows an Ikea cutlery drainer on a hook.

If you have a relatively smooth pathway or patio your child can chalk on that. The rain will soon wash it off.

Toy and play equipment suppliers usually only stock indoor chalkboards. To order blackboards suitable for both indoor and outdoor use try Mooresboards This supplier also has fixing tracks available.

Chalkboard Roll Mat

Worth considering is a portable and very garden-friendly chalkboard roll mat.

Chalkboard Roll Mat

You can buy it from our Kidsinthegardenshop together with some white chalk.  Perfect for the outdoors and also when travelling.


You could make your own outdoor chalkboard by using marine plywood and blackboard paint.  Temper any newly-painted chalkboard by chalking it all over with side-on sticks of chalk and rubbing it off with a dry duster. This makes it easier to write on and clean.