Garden Mirrors for Children

garden mirror

Mirrors in the garden are a great way to add a sense of more space and to bring light to dark corners. But they can also be used to reflect your little ones and let them explore their own image and the ever changing images and light within the garden. Most of us use baby toys with mirrors when a child is very young. Once they are older you can forget about your children needing to see their own image. If you are like me you will find that all the mirrors in the house are at adult height.


Acrylic Mirrors

Use an acrylic mirror in your garden rather than a glass one. You can buy acrylic mirror with a window frame attached to create an optical illusion of an additional garden. Cheaper options are plain acrylic mirrors without a frame in standard mirror shapes or in smaller fun shapes. Don’t forget acrylic mirrors can also be used within the house.

garden mirror

Garden mirrors can be used at floor level for very young babies and are perfect with a bag of dressing up clothes for older children. A gardener may place a mirror to reflect a particular focal feature. Similarly a mirror placed so a child can see his reflection at the top of a slide or on a swing works well.

 foxgloves reflecting in garden mirror


You can place a mirror so it reflects an area of planting which is a great way of making your garden look as if it has more plants than it actually does. Another very effective idea is to place small mirrors on a wall, or trellis with a climber to partially hide them, so that you catch glimpses of the reflections. There are some great child-friendly designs available.
Acrylic mirrors are not as rigid as glass and should be fixed to a garden fence or wall at a height appropriate to your child. You can buy a special outdoor adhesive to stick them. The mirror will require no maintenance other than the occasional wash down with warm soapy water.

Why stop at one mirror.  Using a couple gives a great visual effect.

2 garden mirrors


Check out the following websites to see what is on offer.

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All their shatterproof mirrors are suitable for the garden

Primrose London

For plain acrylic sheets. They also stock mirror adhesive.

Mungai Mirrors

For a wide selection of mirrors. They also sometimes have special offers for schools.