Ideas for Play & Designing a Kids Garden

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Spring with your Kids in the Garden

Ideas for Designing a Kids Garden

Please check out some of our ideas for designing a kids garden.

Garden Dens

Garden Mirrors

Willow Dens and Wigwams

Garden Chalkboards

Making your Own Tree Faces

Ideas for A Kids Garden

painted boxGrow plants in a wacky containers to inspire and hold you kids’ attention.  It is   a great way to recycle.  Wellington Boots are the classic.  What about old toys, that Fireman Sam Helmet, old lunch box and you could try a no longer needed potty.  Decorate those yogurt pots with stickers, paint terracotta pots and stick glitter to those loo rolls.

More information on how to paint flower pots and stones.

If you are growing runner beans or other trailing vegetable why not try and create a teepee.  We are growing beans up our son’s play den so he can play and pick at the same time.  It is a great form of camouflage.

Children’s Garden Activities

Fine tune your children’s listening skills and take a look at our ideas for sound in the garden.  Harness those March winds and make, buy, collect and hang out wind socks, windmills, ribbons, mobiles and wind chimes.  Tie feathers, flags and floaty fabrics to the washing line.


If you cannot get out into the garden make plant markers using, ping pong balls, lolly pop sticks, or wooden spoons.  The children will have fun and they can be especially important to mark ownership their own plot.


ping pong ball plant labels


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