Growing crops in pots with your children


Growing in pots and other containers always works well with children. Containers are easy for little hands to access, dig, plant, water and generally get stuck in to. They are an identifiable space which can be claimed by your children as their own and easily named ‘my garden’.

Another advantage of containers is your ability to locate them close to the house and also in sunny locations, if needed. This may make watering and maintaining them easier. Proximity also makes it easier for children to monitor a plant’s growth.


You will have to water and feed plants grown in containers more often than if they were grown directly into the ground. Therefore investing in some large plastic saucers to place under your pots to retain water will help. Make watering part of the evening routine and a gardening task for your children.

salad leaves in a wooden tray


Pots are ideal for small gardens, patios, balconies and roof gardens.



What Type of Container to Use

Choose from:-

  • Grow Bag.
  • Terracotta Pot.  (Line this with plastic before planting).
  • Plastic pots.
  • Vegetable growing bags made from either jute or durable tarpaulin.
  • Hanging Baskets.
  • Window Boxes.
  • Strawberry Pots.

crops in pots

You can use any container provided it is durable and you can make drainage holes in the bottom.  Try something like welly boots or an old crate.

herbs in pots








Use compact varieties of plants when growing in containers.  Root vegetables will need deep pots and plants that will require staking such as tomatoes need big pots.  Have a look at Thompson and Morgan’s Kew Urban Garden Vegetables Collection of seeds aimed at small gardens and patios.




Most plants will grow in a multi-purpose compost (use peat free organic).  Add a handful of water retaining crystals (these can be brought online or from any garden centre) to the compost and mix.  This will save you time and effort later on with watering.

All of the following fruit and vegetables featured on this site can be grown in containers.

Courgettes, Carrots, Tomatoes, Pea Shoots, Cut ‘n’ Come Again Salad, Strawberries  & Blueberries

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