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30 Days Wild. Days 4 to 6 Patterns in Nature, Giant Leaves & A Mini- Beast Hunt

We are on a roll with our 30 Days Wild with the Wildlife Trusts.  You can read about our earlier adventures, shades of green and buttercup wanders here Day 4 Patterns in Nature We took the time to really look what is growing in our garden, large & small, colourful & plain. Here’s what we […]

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spices from a spice garden in Sri Lanka

A Walk on a Spice Farm in Sri Lanka

  We have just had the most beautiful holiday in Sri Lanka.  One of its highlights was staying on a spice farm.  It sounds exotic and it was.  If you have ever been inside the tropical house at Kew Gardens or  the Eden Project then imagine that scaled up 100 times.  The smell, sounds and, […]

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Stunning Studland Bay

Studland Bay by Poole Harbour in Dorset is a simply stunning sandy beach.  With our January walk it outlived all our expectations.  We have often visited it in summer, but never at this time of year usually opting for a bracing cliff top walk to match the time of year.  We started our trip at […]

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Picking Blackberries with kids

The Art of Blackberry Picking

Blackberries are a fantastic berry for September.  They are full of vitamin C and anti-oxidants.  If you forage for them they are also free.  If you have never gone blackberrying with your children before here are a couple of pointers to make the experience all the more enjoyable.  If, like my family, you are seasoned […]

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journey stick

Journey Sticks

Walking and sticks are a perfect combination.  Our walk with friends last weekend had all three boys starting the walk with a large stick.  One of these had a forked end and on his own initiative one of the boys wound a long piece of grass around this stick and started adding items to it. […]

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Cattle grid

A Walk Around Stourhead Gardens

This weekend Professor Tanya Byron talked about family time in the Saturday Times.  Top of her list were some very basic bonding behaviours such as walking together as a family, chatting and looking at nature.  So our walk around the Stourhead estate in Wiltshire fitted the bill perfectly.  We had intended to marvel at the […]

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bridge over Stour

A Walk on the Waterside

I have been pondering how many people consider going for a walk a form of outdoor play.  I don’t mean the go for a walk to the shops type of walk, but where you set out to have an adventure and a voyage of discovery.  The sort of walk that’s a bit of a treasure […]

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Walking in Glen Shiel

Scotland the Best – Coral Beach, Mountain Top Snow and a Munroe

For me there are two outdoor activities in this country that top the lot.  Camping and a visit, especially some walking, in the Scottish Highlands.  My 8 yr. old has done both of these before, though not for three years so we were all really excited about our trip  last week to one of the […]

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entrance to badgers sett

A Walk Through the Ice Age

Well, I may have used a little artistic licence with this title.  However, we saw much more than we had bargained for on a winter’s day walk this week. It all started with a pub lunch.  Often not a good idea as the cosiness of a pub and a full stomach are not always conducive […]

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Bluebell Wood

Bluebells, Wellies and A Surprise in the Woods

Bluebell Wood One of the best things about exploring outdoors is finding the unexpected.  A walk in one of our local bluebell woods was no exception.  England has been rather wet this spring so the children donned on wellies and waterproofs as a matter of course.  Though we were rather lucky as not only did […]

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