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edible flowers

30 Days Wild. Days 25 – 27 Wild Flowers, Climb a Tree, Edible Flowers & Culinary Leaves

  Day 25 Wild Flowers     There is a beautiful planting of wild flowers right in the centre of Esher and today I have gone to have a closer look at them. They are essentially located on a traffic island and can be easily seen as you drive through Esher. They certainly give me […]

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30 Days Wild. Days 10 to 12 Wildlife & a Great Big Hug

It’s been quite a quiet time these last couple of days with more emphasis on reflection and contemplation rather than on doing and creating.  I find I am looking much more closely at what is going on in my garden. For example, there were 4 different types of bees feeding on my flower border today […]

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Dens in the Wood

Most kids love building a den, whether it be with the sofa cushions indoors and outdoors, and the more traditional rustic type with branches, sticks and twigs from trees.  Indeed whatever foliage you can lay your hands on.  Nothing beats that cosy toasty feeling when the making is complete and you can crawl inside.  Its […]

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hollow tree

Bugs, Scarecrows & Hollow Tree Trunks

I love days out when you are never quite sure what to expect.  When you explore, discover  and experience things in different ways and for the first time.  Our recent day out at Kingston Lacy near Wimbourne in Dorset ticked all of these boxes.  We went in search of bugs and all things buglike, but […]

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Catkins and Pussy Willow

Do you remember as a child spotting these two iconic heralders of spring?  They seem to have passed me by over the last couple of years, although you they seem to be more easily seen and purchased in florists now.  Except for Christmas holly it is one of the rare occasions when we bring parts […]

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tree faces

Making Tree Faces for the Garden

We have always been fans of tree faces in our household.  We loved the one in the photo above.  This was brought as a kit and delighted my son when he was very little.  I have always thought it really effective.  However it had never occurred to me that you could make your own.  That […]

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oak tree summer

Celebrating National Tree Week

This week, 24 November to 2 December, is National Tree Week.  Its an opportunity to celebrate and highlight the importance of trees.  I noticed that the BBC Nature page was featuring a series of tree photographs, so thought I would review some of my favourite piccies.  I have chosen one from each season. This was […]

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