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bean teepee

Sowing Those Beans

    Time to sow. I run a children’s gardening website, but strangely enough I rarely get around to writing a blog post about the sowing and growing process.  Absurd really as it is the essence of gardening.  As a family we grow quite a few vegetables though my son is not always involved in […]

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My Garden In August

The stars of my garden this month have to be the Echinacea.  They are so showy and statuesque.  I am loving the fact that when they attract bees the bees seem to stay on them for so long. They must really love their nectar.  We had a very heavy prolonged shower early in the wee […]

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Seeds, Seeds and more Seeds

I have had a real seedy week this week. I suppose it is that time of year. All of the gardening magazines are offering free seeds so I succumbed. I now have organic chive seeds to grow which is great as I shall let some go flower and eat the rest. The other packet was […]

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