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Kew Gardens Barefoot Walk

Barefoot at Kew Gardens

You have over 7,000 nerve endings in each of your feet.  We have been putting them to good use with a real tingle, thanks to Kew Garden’s barefoot walk. We have come across barefoot experiences in a small village in Austria, and again, this summer around a mountainside lake in Switzerland, and we think it […]

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Enchanted Woodland

Enchanted Woodland: A Garden At Night

What a treat.  A night time walk in an enchanted garden, full of light, shadow, glimpses of majestic trees and other delights.  I couldn’t think of anything that could be more charming. After dressing for the Arctic, we were stuck in London Friday night traffic for 50 minutes on our way there and my 7 […]

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A Post for Mother’s Day: Mothers and Gardens

Cards and a bunch of flowers are traditional gifts for mother’s day. Whilst Sunday lunch and a visit to a garden are some of the typical activities. I am feeling rather pleased with myself as we did just that with my mum, but a week early. The timing was by accident, but it meant that […]

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More Green Space and Less Hard Surfaces in your Garden – WHY?

A recent report by the London Wildlife Trust on how London is losing its green gardens came up with some interesting facts. There are approx 3.8 million gardens in London (if you count front and back gardens separately) – Wow what a lot. 24% of London is domestic outdoor space with 14% of it vegetated. […]

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