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30 Days Wild. Days 13- 15. Sound, Wild Flowers in Central London & Flower Colour Treasure Hunt

We have been concentrating on the garden over the last couple of days although the wet weather has prevented us from undertaking much actual gardening.   Day 13  Sound Map of the Garden It’s years since we last created a sound map of the garden. One afternoon about 5.00 pm we just closed our eyes, […]

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natural paintbrushes

30 Days Wild Days 7 to 9 Natural Paintbrushes, Log Animal Shapes & A Frog

We are joining in the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild Challenge which runs for all of June. Anyone can have a go just see below to see how easy it is. The Wildlife Trust will send to you a really helpful pack. Day 7 Natural Paintbrushes   We spotted this idea on Pinterest and thought […]

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leaf art

Leaf Art Activity with Children

        I wanted to share with you a really easy, but effective leaf art activity you can make with children.  Every autumn we collect loads of natural materials with the aim of making all sorts of beautiful crafts.  Sadly it is rare  that we ever make the time to complete the task. […]

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journey stick

Journey Sticks

Walking and sticks are a perfect combination.  Our walk with friends last weekend had all three boys starting the walk with a large stick.  One of these had a forked end and on his own initiative one of the boys wound a long piece of grass around this stick and started adding items to it. […]

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Kidsinthegarden Top 5 Outdoorable Christmas Presents for Children

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas and every year it feels as if parents have to work harder to counter the effects of screen time on children.  You won’t see any of these presents advertised on TV, yet they are as much part of childhood as the latest toy. Packets of Seeds Packets […]

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tree faces

Making Tree Faces for the Garden

We have always been fans of tree faces in our household.  We loved the one in the photo above.  This was brought as a kit and delighted my son when he was very little.  I have always thought it really effective.  However it had never occurred to me that you could make your own.  That […]

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Autumn leaf Hopscotch

Autumn Leaf Hopscotch

The autumn leaves in the south of the UK have been wonderful this year.  I have been seeing fantastic artwork, collages and patterns made from leaves.  This weekend a brief chat with my 7 year old about what use we could put some of the many leaves in our garden led to a eureka moment.  […]

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Planting spring bulbs must be one of the easiest kids gardening activities. Many do deserve the label ‘easy grow’. All you need is a trowel, bare patch of soil and bulbs. There are loads of easy grow bulbs. Simply either follow the instructions on the packet or from your supplier. If planting direct into the […]

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bird scarer

When is a Bird Scarer not a Scarecrow

The iconic bird scarer for children to make is, of course, the scarecrow. It’s quite a complicated project to try and many are a tad too large for small suburban gardens. Having already tried hanging CDs over our plot we appreciate that scarers do perform an important role. So we were delighted to take this […]

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childrens ice sculpture

Snow and Ice Activities: Making Ice Sculptures with Children

The cold weather has provided us with a great opportunity to make some lovely ice sculptures this week. We were reminded about them when one formed naturally from water left a sand mould in my son’s sand and water table. I photographed the result above. So the next evening the remaining moulds were washed and […]

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Painting Pebbles

Kids Garden Activities: Painting Pots, Bunches of Herbs and the Odd Decorated Pebble

Painted Pots using Star Stickers Painting Garden Pots   If you are like me there are loads of activities you never get around to doing with children. Over the past week I’ve had the opportunity to test out a number of garden crafts without the kids, especially those involving paint.  Four weeks notice to stock […]

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