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The RHS Wisley Flower Show

    Welcome to this year’s RHS Wisley Flower Show 2015.  The Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows are well known national events.  You know you will see original gardens, pick up great ideas and have the opportunity to indulge in some fantastic horticultural-related retail therapy.  The more recently established  RHS Wisley Flower Show is a slightly different and […]

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bean teepee

Sowing Those Beans

    Time to sow. I run a children’s gardening website, but strangely enough I rarely get around to writing a blog post about the sowing and growing process.  Absurd really as it is the essence of gardening.  As a family we grow quite a few vegetables though my son is not always involved in […]

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willow dens & wildflowers

Willow Dens and Flower Meadows: Reaping the Benefits

We have tried something different in the garden this year.  It has been really fun creating it and watching how things develop. We moved some fruit bushes freeing up a sunny plot of land about 10ft square.  Rather than go for some of the obvious choices of perennial plants and shrubs or vegetables we thought we […]

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More Green Space and Less Hard Surfaces in your Garden – WHY?

A recent report by the London Wildlife Trust on how London is losing its green gardens came up with some interesting facts. There are approx 3.8 million gardens in London (if you count front and back gardens separately) – Wow what a lot. 24% of London is domestic outdoor space with 14% of it vegetated. […]

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10 Reasons to get out into the Garden

The weather is picking up and the daylight is here for longer so it is now time to spend those hours in the garden. To motivate myself and my family to move from the sofa, through the french doors, to the garden I have been listing the benefits of outdoor play for all of us. […]

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Garden Guilt

Why do I always feel guilty when I go out and do some gardening. There is no such feeling when I am inside and pottering about or outside and hanging up the washing. But as soon as I pick up a trowel or pair of secateurs in the garden then I start thinking about all […]

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