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What to Plant with your Kids in September and October

As well as tidying up the garden ready for winter you can still sow and plant in the autumn.   A spot of gardening with the kids is an ideal activity for a warm autumn afternoon.   Late autumn is, in fact, the best time to plant shrubs and trees, including fruit trees. Some of the vegetables […]

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Easter Egg Grassheads and Cressheads

Easter Egg Grass Heads

Growing Ideas for Easter   Easter is prime sowing and growing time in the garden.  So why not try to make these Easter egg grassheads and cressheads.  They are fun, you may have most of the ingredients already in the house and they germinate and grow very fast.  In 2/3 weeks the eggs should have a […]

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What Vegetables to Sow and Grow with your Kids in March and April

Vegetables to Plant Outside with your Kids in March and April March and April is the time of year when the sowing and growing season really starts.  Here are some ideas about what vegetables and fruit you can start growing with your kids.   That’s a long list of vegetables.  If you are new to […]

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cleaning the paving

A Different Sort of Watering the Garden with Kids

All children seem to love watering the garden in some shape or form.  Whether as a toddler it is tipping a whole watering can onto one poor seedling or progressing onto hosing all the borders.  It’s a great form of water play with a useful twist.  When you have hot weather and have to water […]

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Wildflowers Olympic Park

The Day We Sowed Wild Flowers

  A couple of weeks ago I posted about planting our Willow Wigwam and I am pleased to report that it has already started to sprout.  I can now reveal that around the wigwam we plan to have an annual wild flower meadow and we spent Sunday preparing the ground and sowing this. I wanted […]

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small willow wreath

Our Willow Wigwam

  I had been thinking about one for years.  I’ve written about them, recommended them to people and talked about them.  At last this week we have been playing out in the garden and building a willow wigwam. A trip to collect the willow wigwam kit from the World of Willow, a local supplier, was […]

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Floral Friday – Aquilegia – Family Friendly Plants

Aquilegia If you know this flower, other names for it are Columbine and Grandma Bonnets; you may be saying what so family friendly about it? It is a cottage garden plant with thin stems holding up the very pretty flower heads which could easily get knocked by a ball or trampled upon. I say yes […]

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Children’s Gardens at RHS Chelsea

A Child’s Garden in Wales The Chelsea Flower Show must be one of the few UK flower shows that does not encourage children to attend.  I only saw one child visitor and two children behind a stand on the day I attended. Children’s growing was highlighted in several gardens this year. My favourite was A Child’s Garden […]

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Potato Grass Heads, Children’s Plant Markers and Recycling Red Noses

Kids’ garden activities are now a routine part of most gardening events. So with a kidsinthegarden stall at our local seedy Sunday the childrens’ gardening activities fitted neatly with me. Plant Markers Potato Grassheads By popular request potato head grass heads were on offer. If you have never created these creatures here’s how we did […]

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World Book Day: A Book to Inspire your Children to Garden

If I could only take one children’s gardening book on to that desert island it would have to be ‘Eddie’s Garden and How to Make Things Grow’ by Sarah Garland. It is a simple, homely and feel good story about a little boy growing vegetables and flowers with his family. It has held the attention […]

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