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Winter Garden at the Savill Garden Windsor

  Winter sunshine and a crispy morning with blue skies provided perfect conditions to visit The Saville Garden. I’ve visited this garden on a few occasions as it is very accessible from London.  The winter garden has been more recently developed since I last visited in the winter.  If you are a member of the […]

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Kew Gardens Christmas lights

Christmas Lights at Kew Gardens: A Magical Night time Journey

  Most of us don’t venture out into the garden at night.  Its too dark, too cold and not much to see.  Taking a tour around a large botanical garden, lit with over 60,000 lights of all colours, shapes and sizes is a completely different experience and well worth the effort to venture out on […]

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plant material

30 Days Wild Days 28 to 30 Wild Weaving, Leaf Rubbing & Dragonflies

Day 28 Wild Weaving For Day 28 we thought we would have a go at Wild Weaving.  This is usually done on a flat surface with string and then intertwining plant material.     Ours was going to be slightly different by weaving string around the branches of a corkscrew willow.   We had quite […]

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edible flowers

30 Days Wild. Days 25 – 27 Wild Flowers, Climb a Tree, Edible Flowers & Culinary Leaves

  Day 25 Wild Flowers     There is a beautiful planting of wild flowers right in the centre of Esher and today I have gone to have a closer look at them. They are essentially located on a traffic island and can be easily seen as you drive through Esher. They certainly give me […]

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30 Days Wild – Days 22 to 25 Poppies, Insect Bio Blitz & Signs of Autumn

Day 22 Life Cycle of a Poppy – a Study This time of year it’s definitely poppy time in the garden. Once you have the Californian poppy in your garden you will always have it as it self seeds beautifully.   I spent some time this week looking at a large double petalled red poppy in […]

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House Martens nesting

30 Days Wild. Days 19 to 21. House Martens, Dog Roses, and Ripening Strawberries

Day 19 House Martens Every year we have house martens nesting in the eaves of the house. Usually both at the back and front and sometimes with a double nest like a double decker. The one at the back of the house fell down last year so I was really pleased to see them starting […]

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30 Days Wild. Days 16 – 18 Willow Weaving, Herbal Tea, & Elderflower Champagne

  We are over half way through the Wildlife Trusts #30dayswild challenge.  So far it’s been great fun and in the next three days I’m having a go at three things I have never tried before.   Day 16 Willow Weaving   We have a willow den in the garden which produces vast quantities of […]

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30 Days Wild. Days 13- 15. Sound, Wild Flowers in Central London & Flower Colour Treasure Hunt

We have been concentrating on the garden over the last couple of days although the wet weather has prevented us from undertaking much actual gardening.   Day 13  Sound Map of the Garden It’s years since we last created a sound map of the garden. One afternoon about 5.00 pm we just closed our eyes, […]

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30 Days Wild. Days 10 to 12 Wildlife & a Great Big Hug

It’s been quite a quiet time these last couple of days with more emphasis on reflection and contemplation rather than on doing and creating.  I find I am looking much more closely at what is going on in my garden. For example, there were 4 different types of bees feeding on my flower border today […]

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natural paintbrushes

30 Days Wild Days 7 to 9 Natural Paintbrushes, Log Animal Shapes & A Frog

We are joining in the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild Challenge which runs for all of June. Anyone can have a go just see below to see how easy it is. The Wildlife Trust will send to you a really helpful pack. Day 7 Natural Paintbrushes   We spotted this idea on Pinterest and thought […]

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30 Days Wild. Days 4 to 6 Patterns in Nature, Giant Leaves & A Mini- Beast Hunt

We are on a roll with our 30 Days Wild with the Wildlife Trusts.  You can read about our earlier adventures, shades of green and buttercup wanders here Day 4 Patterns in Nature We took the time to really look what is growing in our garden, large & small, colourful & plain. Here’s what we […]

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Blowing Dandelion Clocks

30 Days Wild

We are joining in the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild Challenge which runs for all of June. Anyone can have a go just see below to see how easy it is. The Wildlife Trust will send to you a really helpful pack.   Day 1 Buttercup Meadow   It’s Half Term and we are enjoying country […]

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Bee Watering Hole

Making A Bee Watering Hole

  Everybody now knows how important our bees are and that some species in the UK are in difficulties.  As gardeners we can help by encourage bees to our gardens by planting bee-friendly plants.  We can also provide a water source for bees who regularly visit us.  Many gardens, like mine, may not have any water […]

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silver birch against a winters sky

Plants to make your Garden look Good in the Winter: Winter Garden Ideas

      The garden in winter can look rather bare, unwelcoming and colourless. If you have evergreen plants such as conifers, ivy and pittosporum, as I have in my garden, then there is a dominance of green. Early spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops provide a welcome splash of colour, but they […]

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Making Garden Ice Sculptures

Making Garden Ice Sculptures

      When you know you have a good frosty, freezing night ahead a fun activity for the great results the next day is to use your garden as a freezer.  We took advantage of a cold spell last week and had a go at making ice sculptures.  We hope you like the results. […]

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