30 Days Wild Days 7 to 9 Natural Paintbrushes, Log Animal Shapes & A Frog

We are joining in the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild Challenge which runs for all of June. Anyone can have a go just see below to see how easy it is. The Wildlife Trust will send to you a really helpful pack.

Day 7 Natural Paintbrushes

Natural Paintbrushes


We spotted this idea on Pinterest and thought that it would make a great 30dayswild project. What natural materials could we find in the garden and locally as a replacement for bristles of a paintbrush.  It was quite a challenge.

2016-06-07 13.59.21


We found 2 types of grasses growing on the verge by the side of our local park. There was also a piece of willow tree which looked like it might have potential.  The large Rosemary bushes in the front garden provided some leafy sprigs.  Another herb, the chive flower, was an ideal furry texture. We added a spring onion from the fridge for a rather solid paintbrush. Finally the shape & texture of the hello spiky plant matched the qualities of an old fashioned quill.   I think overall our favourite were the chives because they just looked the part.


natural paintbrushes


Day 8 –  Log Animal Shapes

log crocodile


A walk in Richmond always makes us stop look and listen. So we were out today with spotting eyes. This piece of log was just full of animal shapes. With 2 big beady eyes and a large snout we couldn’t agree whether it was a duck billed platypus, a crocodile or an alligator. What do you see?


Day 9 – A Frog



Today we were highly delighted to find a frog in our garden. We have always had frogs in the garden but with no pond & a dry spring this year I had found a couple of dead dehydrated frogs recently. So from now on the garden will be kept well watered. Is anyone else’s garden a haven for frogs and toads?


We are linking up this post to Country kids at Coombe Mill because this is what we have been. Take a look there to see what others have been up to this week & also search the hashtag #30dayswild.



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