30 Days Wild Days 28 to 30 Wild Weaving, Leaf Rubbing & Dragonflies

Day 28 Wild Weaving

For Day 28 we thought we would have a go at Wild Weaving.  This is usually done on a flat surface with string and then intertwining plant material.


wild art


Ours was going to be slightly different by weaving string around the branches of a corkscrew willow.

plant material


We had quite a few pieces of material left over from some of the earlier challenges.  Adding ivy,clematis and other climbing plants seemed a good idea.

wild weaving


This is how our weaving turned out.  Quite artistic we thought.  Will certainly try this again.


Day 29 Leaf Rubbing

I don’t ever remember having a go at leaf rubbing with my son when he was younger.  So he was keen to have a go now.  We found leaves from the garden ad Bushy Park to use.  Those from trees and shrubs seemed to be best as they had the most defined veins.

We used just ordinary crayons and the rubbing was really effective.  We have placed the rubbings on the window so they are acting as a blind to the outside, with light reflection coming through.


leaf rubbing


leaf rubbing

leaf rubbing

Day 30 Dragonflies

For our final challenge we make dragonflies from sycamore seeds (the ones that fall from the trees like mini helicopter blades).



For the body we used straw to add colour, but you could use twigs.  The eyes are peppercorns.  We used a staple and cellotape to assemble.  We hope they look like dragonflies.




We are linking up this post to Country kids at Coombe Mill because this is what we have been. Take a look there to see what others have been up to this week & also search the hashtag #30dayswild.






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