30 Days Wild – Days 22 to 25 Poppies, Insect Bio Blitz & Signs of Autumn

Day 22 Life Cycle of a Poppy – a Study



This time of year it’s definitely poppy time in the garden. Once you have the Californian poppy in your garden you will always have it as it self seeds beautifully.   I spent some time this week looking at a large double petalled red poppy in my garden. Not sure if I planted it as I don’t usually plant double petalled flowers as they are usually less bee friendly. What is great about the flower is that you can see it moving through its different stages of its life cycle and they are all equally lovely


Starting with the bud and observing that slight burst. Watching the flower fully form and then petals start to drop. As the flower becomes bare the rotund shape of the shaker seed head is revealed. Nature just works so well.


Day 23 – 10 Minute Insect Bio Blitz

So far I have taken all photos for #30dayswild with my I phone & I pad. My Digital SLR has now been restored so I now have macro lense at my disposal. It’s also #nationalinsectweek so I thought I would undertake a quick survey of flying insects in my garden. Essentially those I could photograph in 10 minutes. These all turned out to be those collecting pollen from the flowers. At least that’s what I think they were doing. It’s a photographic record so apologies if they are all not quite in focus.

Insects on flowers


Insects on flowers

I have learnt that the insect on my evening primrose is a hoverfly.

Insects on flowers


The bee on the left really loved the catmint and only fed from that.

Day 24 Signs of Autumn


green conkers


I wasn’t too sure whether to post about this because it is a bit depressing, however the turn of the seasons is so fundamental to nature you are now reading this. Whilst we are in one season plans are being prepared for the next. During my walk in Richmond Park I could see pine cones being formed, the blackberry bushes were in flower and the young conkers were visible on the trees.  The signs of the Autumn to come are here now.








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