30 Days Wild. Days 19 to 21. House Martens, Dog Roses, and Ripening Strawberries

Day 19 House Martens

Every year we have house martens nesting in the eaves of the house. Usually both at the back and front and sometimes with a double nest like a double decker. The one at the back of the house fell down last year so I was really pleased to see them starting to rebuild this year. We went away for a week & when we returned the nest was built.  How’s that for hard work. Flying all that way from the Southern Hemisphere & then creating your own home.

House Martens nesting

It’s not easy to get a shit of then, but I wanted to record them for #30dayswild and to capture the communication between the adults and the young. Sometimes the young are so quite hat we are not sure they are in the nest. When they are older they seem to go out for a fly around with the adults and then back to the nest for a rest. I also sometimes wonder if the there is more than one brood laid each year.

House Martens nesting

They are a absolute delight to have flying around the house and we look forward to them arriving every year.

House Martens nesting




Day 20 Dog Roses

Dog Roses

The garden rises have been fantastic this year.  It wasn’t until we went out to look at the hedgerows for elder flowers and started to see the white and light pink of the dog roses that I realised that it was also a splendid year for them as well. Wild roses are really a great natural beauty in our hedgerows and should be celebrated as such.


Dog Roses



Day 21 Ripening Strawberries

A couple of days after the #30dayswild challenge started I noticed that the strawberries in our garden were still looking very unripe. Hardly surprising given the lack of heat & sunshine we had had then.  So I thought it would be interesting to see how long they would take to ripen. Looking at how green they were I honestly thought that they would take well into July before they could be eaten.




There you go less than 2 weeks until they got popped into my sons mouth. Delicious he tells me.  If you want to grow strawberries with your children it’s maybe slightly late for this year, but find out here how to do it for next year.








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