30 Days Wild. Days 10 to 12 Wildlife & a Great Big Hug

It’s been quite a quiet time these last couple of days with more emphasis on reflection and contemplation rather than on doing and creating.  I find I am looking much more closely at what is going on in my garden. For example, there were 4 different types of bees feeding on my flower border today and one flying insect I have never seen before.

I also wanted to mention the campaign that is happening in London to turn it into a National Park. There is a Twitter chat every Wednesday at 8.00 pm to brainstorm various aspects of this idea  #nationalparkcityhour. This is me playing my part in campaigning for the environment and nature.


Day  10 WildFowl and New Life





My son and I spent some time watching these swans and their signets. We didn’t get too close so I can’t confirm the number of signets but we think there were 4.  Let’s hope they have somewhere safe to sleep away from any foxes.

Day 11 Tree Hugging




There is a grove of horse chestnut trees in Richmond Park which I hug quite regularly. The fine specimen is in Bushy Park. Sorry no photos of me hugging it as I was on my own. In my view when you hug you must close your eyes.  If you hug a tree you look upwards. but stand with your back against a tree there seems to be an immediate connection between the fibres of the tree & the nerve ending on ones backbone. Once you close your eyes you feel yourself being drawn down into the soil and beyond. It is a very powerful feeling.


Day 12 Red Deer Stags


Red Deer Stag

I live close to Richmond Park and Bushy Park. both of which have large herds of deer. I am therefore quite use to seeing deer often at close quarters. However I never stop feeling very privileged seeing them and stopping to watch and observe. This stag was right by my footpath so I diverted slightly so as not to disturb it. The new velvet was growing beautifully on his antlers.


Red Deer Stags

You have got to love the antlers of these stags resting low under this tree.





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