World Book Day: Mission: Explore Food

mission impossibe food

For the last 2 years I have reviewed a kids gardening book for World Book day.  This year I am continuing with the same theme, but with a twist.

The Geography Collective’s Mission: Explore Book on Food is the most original and wacky kids grow it cook it and eat it book you will ever read.  It contains 159 food related missions –that’s 3 years’ worth of weekly missions.  It’s a book written for kids, but if you were to dip into it and didn’t have a child you’d be knocking on your neighbours door offering to borrow one to help you undertake the off the wall activities.


mission impossibe food

It is stimulating, challenging, and will appeal to all those with enquiring minds.  The book examines every aspect of the food chain from the growing of food to its decomposition – lots of smelly tasks here.  It will appeal to all ages of children once they are fluent readers.  The book is linked into the Mission Explore site where children can earn digital badges.  It well deserves the five star rating listed on Amazon.

Although published last year its bang up to date with a task to define cuts of meat on animals, including a horse!  Anything and everything you can do to food is covered in the missions. Some are immediate and simple – eat your height in spaghetti; whilst others are slightly more complex and take place over a longer term.  My son would love making an edible band from food.  It really makes growing an egg cress head seem a bit tame.

Some activities are global and it is these that really will provide your children with food for thought.  If you are not too sure how to spend the £1 book token your child may receive for World Book Day use it to help buy this book. Your kids will love you and it.

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