What Vegetables to Sow and Grow with your Kids in March and April

Vegetables to Plant Outside with your Kids in March and April

March and April is the time of year when the sowing and growing season really starts.  Here are some ideas about what vegetables and fruit you can start growing with your kids.


vegetables to plant in March

That’s a long list of vegetables.  If you are new to growing then the following  work well for children.


These are one of the easiest vegetables to grow with kids, reliable and fast. Our little bunch above were planted last year at the end of half term, in early June went have gone from plot to plate in less than five weeks. That’s fast growing, but it may take slightly longer this time of year. You can also sow a purple variety with a milder flavour which is perhaps more suited to younger children.



Sow outdoors in situ. Once they have grown about 3cm thin them out by just snipping off the unwanted seedling at soil level.  If you do not do this you carrots will not develop properly.  Eating the thinnings can help maintain your child’s interest in the project.  You will need to water regularly to deter the roots from splitting. You can easily sow in deep pots.   Sow a few pots of carrots in succession so you can have a continuous supply.  If your kids can’t wait 12 weeks until they develop fully, just eat the baby carrots.


A popular choice for early carrots is Carrot ‘Early Nantes’

Parsley and Coriander

You can sow and grow these annual herbs in pots as well as direct into the ground.  Ideal if you are growing on a balcony or window ledge.

Parsley in Pots

Vegetables to Sow under Cover with your Kids in March


Vegetables to Sow in March


You can sow seeds in containers that you can keep inside on a window ledge in your house, outside in a cold frame or in a greenhouse.

courgette seedlings

These were our courgette seeds last year, just germinated.  Take a look at our Growing Vegetables with Children Pages for more details on how to grow.

Most of the fruit and vegetables on this list can be grown from seed (though chilli’s are best sown now) in April as well so take your time.  Remember that you do not have to grow everything from seed.  Small vegetable plants will soon be available in the garden centres and may provide faster growing for impatient children.

planning your vegetable plo

If you haven’t created a vegetable plot take a look at our advice.


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