What Grows Over your Garden Fence?

Ivy over fence

I am in the process of cutting back foliage.  It’s a routine task in my garden.  On one side of me my neighbours grow ivy up their fence.  The property is rented so the garden isn’t really maintained.  I’ve learnt my lesson.  You need to get to grips with ivy early on as it is a time consuming task with the secateurs cutting into those woody stems.  My plan now is to grow a clematis and rose on my side of the fence so I will have to be even more vigilant if they are to stand a chance in their early years.

virginia creeper over fence


My other neighbours grow a Virginia Creeper up their fence.  This is easier to cut back than the ivy, but an even more prolific grower and we will have to protect our roof.  Our neighbours don’t seem to mind it growing on their roof tiles – which I find strange as the guy is a surveyor.  I do tend to leave some growth in the late summer so I can benefit from the wonderful autumn colours of the creeper.

We are also under attack from under the fence, by that most devilish weed of all – bindweed.  This means that I have bindweed in the vegetable plot and more particularly with the few strawberries that I am growing  The bindweed is coming from land at the back of the which is owned by the army, again which isn’t maintained to a very high standard, so I can’t do anything about it.

 pink perpetue rose

pink perpetue rose

I guess controlling what comes into your garden is just part of being a gardener.  It got me thinking about what goes out from my garden.  My ivy neighbours have my pink perpetue rose overflowing into their garden.  I hope it gives them as much enjoyment as it gives me, but perhaps not!

In my front garden I have a large Euphorbia which I keep meaning to dig out.  This grows more in my Virginia Creeper neighbour’s than mine.  So perhaps when I finished my cutting back the next task should be that Euphorbia.

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