My New Vegetable Plot

One of my major gardening projects this year has been to create a veg plot at the bottom of my garden. For years there has been a raised platform made from railway sleepers upon which I have placed various large pots and objects. We haven’t been able to use it as a surface in the summer because unfortunately the sleepers where never treated and therefore oozed oil every time the weather warmed up. These have now gone to be placed under a greenhouse and the back of the garden has a slightly raised veg bed, about 6ft by 15 ft.

My 5 year old and I have spent the last couple of weeks digging, double digging, and digging in manure. We also have collected half a dustbin of stones and rubble. Interestingly what he enjoyed most was the physical work, finding bones in the soil and playing with good old London clay. It looks as if part of the area has been used for bonfires in the past so I am hoping that the charcoal will not affect the fertility of the soil.

So now the growing starts and I hope in a couple of months time I can post a proper ‘after‘ photo showing just how productive a small plot can be. That is if I work out how to stop the foxes digging in it.
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