My Garden In July

This July has been has hard for the flowers in my garden and I think probably for a lot of gardens in the UK.  They were baked and scorched by temperatures of over 30 degrees.  Now at the end of the month heavy summer rain is giving them a good battering.  My hostas are suffering from an increase in slugs and beginning to look rather lace-like.  Some of my long term stalwarts such as Lysimachia Punctata , Loosestrife, which usually flowers all summer long, gave up a long time ago.



It is the plants with daisy-type faces that seem to be flowering at present. Both my Helianthus and Leucanthemum  are producing great blooms, but both of them are only 18 inches tall.  I’m sure they are normally a couple of feet high by now.  I hadn’t realised that hot sun could have such an effect on growth.


Dahlia, Bishop of Landaff

The Dahlia, Bishop of Landaff, wilted daily when temperatures were high.  It seems to have recovered now and I hope will provide me many more blooms.


Scabious with bee

The Scabious is looking lovely and certainly attracting lots of bees.  In my view it’s a must for any bee-friendly garden.


herbaceous clematis

One plant bucking the trend is herbaceous clematis, which I bought years ago at the Hampton Court flower show.  It never performed very well and I have intermittently considered taking it out.  It is its best year so far.



My star plants though have to be my Cosmos.  I’m not sure what type they are as they were obtained at a seed swap.  I’ve never had them in my garden before as I refuse to pay garden centre prices for an annual.  So this year my plants have been carefully nurtured by me from seed.  The hard work was worth it.  They are just starting to flower.  I’m hoping they don’t peak while I am on holiday, but feel sure they will be flowering until the early Autumn.

I’m hoping to visit a couple of gardens in the UK this summer so it will be interesting see how they have fared.





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