My Garden In August




The stars of my garden this month have to be the Echinacea.  They are so showy and statuesque.  I am loving the fact that when they attract bees the bees seem to stay on them for so long. They must really love their nectar.  We had a very heavy prolonged shower early in the wee and I noticed that afterwards on the Echinacea were 4 really sodden bedraggled bees.  They really looked as though they weren’t going to make it.  So remembering some information a friend had recently sent me I made up some sugar solution.  Placed it in a saucer with kitchen roll and then carefully lifted the bees on top.  They drank profusely for about 20 minutes and then one by one took off hopefully fully recovered.

Verbena Bonariensis


My Verbena Bonariensis is growing prolifically again this year.  It has self-seeded itself onto the adjoining path so much that at present the path is unpassable.  I just can’t bring myself to throw the seedlings away.  I could start a cottage industry with the amount I have already given away to friends and family.

My Agapanthus didn’t flower at all last year.  So this year I have given them some tender loving care i.e. have fed them.  And hey presto they have performed for me.

The garden is really becoming a late summer garden.  As the summer passes I notice that the light moves into a golden phase especially in the late afternoons and early evening.  There are quite a few seedheads and pods already waiting to be harvested



sweet peas

I love that this time of year so many of the flowers can be cut and brought indoors.  The whole house and garden seem to merge as one.  August definitely is one of the best months of the year.

I am linking up with How Does Your Garden Grow.  Please pop along and take a look at some other fantastic gardens.





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