Making Tree Faces for the Garden

tree face kit

We have always been fans of tree faces in our household.  We loved the one in the photo above.  This was brought as a kit and delighted my son when he was very little.  I have always thought it really effective.  However it had never occurred to me that you could make your own.  That is until we were inspired by the wild art activities on offer the other weekend at Kingston Lacy in Dorset.  We didn’t have time to have a go at these clay tree features at the time, but took a good look at them and vowed to try them at home sometime.  They make a fab summer activity for kids

tree face Collage



making tree faces

The opportunity presented itself this week with my son having some time off school due to illness.  We already had a packet of modelling clay from the local art shop and, of course, a garden full of foliage and blooms.

Because he wasn’t too well we did all out making indoors, but it is a fantastic outdoor garden activity.  A quick foray outside with a bowl and we came back with flowers from Forget me Nots, Perennial Geranium and Bluebells (Spanish).  Leaves from those plants, lovely heart shaped leaves from our epimedium, rosemary and chives were also in the collection.

A flower with a face and a fox- like animal were the chosen subjects.  It is so satisfying working with clay and an ideal activity for an invalid.  It’s a great way to spend a creative hour.   The small flowers made perfect eyes and I had never really appreciated before that most ears are leaf shaped.

tree faces

 The good news is you can do this activity even if you don’t have accessible trees.  A fence, shed or in our case a playhouse wall will do just as well.  Although a smooth surface required a bit more pressing than the rough bark of the tree.  The squid and gargoyle are 2 clay pieces made earlier, but also looking great.

It would be great to have a go at this in the Autumn using berries, nuts and seed pods.  In the meantime we have plenty of clay left so I guess there will be some more faces appearing around the garden and maybe some wild art plant markers.


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