Magical Nightime Garden – Syon Park

Reflections at Syon Park Reflections at Syon Park Lake


We have just made a repeat trip to the Enchanted Woodland Garden at Syon Park, West London.  We first visited this time last year and yet again it was a magical, enchanting and inspiring experience.

The gardens are lit, spotlighted and hung with decorations.  The organisers use the effect of changing colour, twinkling lights, sound effects, steam and shadows to their full.  Last year I described our visit, this year I have given more thought as to why the experience is so wonderful and enjoyed by all ages.  It was great to see so many families having such fun.


fountain syon pk


shadow box Syon Park shadow box Syon Park



Enchanted Woodland garden Syon Park

When did you last Visit a Garden at Night?

There is a uniqueness and unusualness in walking around a garden in the dark.  You just don’t get to do it.  We hardly ever venture into our own garden on an autumn or winter evening.  It’s a novel experience.

Hits Your Senses

Visually the experience is wonderful.  You walk from lighted tree trunk to darkness and then onto a sparkling woodland glade whilst soaking up the spectacular reflections in the lake producing classic mirror images.

At times the lighting works with music, entrancing everyone further.  Why does music always sound different outside and in the dark?  Whilst walking around you will hear the odd hoot of an owl  Real or not?  One for the children to ponder.

The shadow and light effects really highlight the features of trunks, branches and even roots.  You just want to reach out and touch.  You can see all of the gnarls, indents and smoothness which you may never have spotted in the daylight.

Watch your Speed

Everyone perhaps walks a little slower in the dark and there is time to take things in more.  There is less distraction and you are more focussed on what you may come to next.  Altogether it’s a very calming experience.

Enchanted Woodland garden Syon Park



Enchanted Woodland garden Syon Park

Enchanted Woodland garden Syon Park

Nighttime Conservatory Syon PK Nighttime Conservatory Syon PK


There has to be a special mention for the light and sound show in the conservatory.  When I asked my son what was his favourite part of last year’s display it was this.  I don’t need to ask this year because I know it will be the same.   The conservatory at Syon Park is a stunning piece of architecture and the glass dome provides the most fantastic space for light and sound to bounce and reverberate.

I have yet to mention the word ‘fairy’.  If you believe in them you will truly consider this their land.  I know that there are a few more gardens organising night time visits this year.  I and my family are certainly addicted to the concept.



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