Leaf Art Activity with Children



leaf art



I wanted to share with you a really easy, but effective leaf art activity you can make with children.  Every autumn we collect loads of natural materials with the aim of making all sorts of beautiful crafts.  Sadly it is rare  that we ever make the time to complete the task.

So being quick and easy are the key to this leafcraft.  Most  families will be not be short of leaves this time of year.  They are in the garden and usually brought back in pocketfuls on the way to and from school and those lovely autumn walks.

All you need to do for this activity is to make sure the leaves are dry and flat and then add shop brought eyes.  Ours came from our local art shop.

leaf faces


leaf art

We have made a leaf family with ours and a pair of twins.

If you can’t access any ready made eyes then you could have a go at drawing some faces.  If you press your leaves for at least a day before you stick eyes onto the leaves you will find that the leaves will not curl up.  However you may find the curly leaves quite appealing – matching the wrinkles of the mummy leaves!






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