Journey Sticks

journey stick

Walking and sticks are a perfect combination.  Our walk with friends last weekend had all three boys starting the walk with a large stick.  One of these had a forked end and on his own initiative one of the boys wound a long piece of grass around this stick and started adding items to it.


journey stick

journey stick

By the end of the walk the sticks contained lots of wildflowers, a feather, piece of flint, piece of chalk and an empty snail shell.  I loved the way everything happened spontaneously.  The boys were kept busy making me free to take photos of the beautiful wildflowers.


It was a wonderful day for a walk and the children needed no encouragement to run around and keep moving.  If they had this would have been a brilliant way to keep interest going.  As it was the journey sticks made the walk more interesting for everyone. Every stick tells a story and I hope that the boys will remember the walk that day as the walk where they created their own journey sticks.

hod hill

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