In 2 play in the Garden

As a family this weekend we were very much indoors. However I am pleased to say that we fitted in some garden-related activities. All of us joined in the RSPBs Garden Bird Watch. There has been lots to press recently about how quite rare birds are visiting and depending on food from peoples’ gardens. We didn’t manage any rare furry friends , but we did clock up 8 different species including long-tailed tits and a goldfinch. Which isn’t bad for a small suburban garden.

There was also a visit to another museum. The Science Museum in London. It has set up a ‘garden’ (recently refurbished) for the under 6s. All the kids love it. The museum has divided the play area into sections – light – shadow – sound – water – mirrors. These complement some of the features I have listed on my website . What’s fascinating though is that nearly all of the children make a bee line for the water play. You can feel the tension in the parents standing around who want their kids to have fun, but don’t want to go home with a dripping toddler. It has got me thinking that maybe I have been too hard line in thinking that for safety reasons there should be no garden water features for very young children. I am now going to investigate bubble fountains and similar.
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