Floral Friday – Family Friendly Shrubs – Lavatera


I have always loved Lavateras with their attractive and showy pink flowers.  If you have a large garden and want a summer flowering shrub then this is the plant for you.  Its common name is Mallow.

If you do not have space for a 1.5 to 2 m shrub then there are now a number of compact varieties available so look out for them online or in your local garden centre. Compact and floriferous, Lavatera ‘Barnsley Baby’ is perfect for patio containers and small gardens.

Lavatera Child friendly plant

For me, its family friendly characteristics include:-

  • It is really easy to grow.
  • Lots of multiple flowers on one plant.
  • It is perennial, which means it will come back the next year.  Though it may be short-lived.
  • As a shrub it is low maintenance.
  • Will attract butterflies, bees and moths as it is a great mid-season nectar plant.
  • It is quick growing and has a very long flowering period.   
  • Produces abundant flowers.
  • It is semi-evergreen. 


Lavatera family friendly plant

I think the Lavatera in these photos is  Lavater x clementii ‘Rosea’.   I was given it as a  one foot cutting last year and forgot to ask the cultivar.  All these photos were taken in November, it had been flowering since June and you can see its spread.  You really can’t ask any more of a plant.

This Floral Friday post is one of a series suggesting family friendly plants you and your children could grow in your garden.Please take a look at other previous suggestions.







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