Eco Friendly Pots

Recently I have seen snippets of information on the web about coir pots. Last week I spotted some for sale at my local garden centre. RHS Wisley is also selling herbs grown in them. So I thought I’d give them a try.

I think they are great and what’s more so does my five year old who played for a good hour with the pots you see in the photo and of course the box they came in. It got me thinking that as well as using them to replace plastic pots there are all sorts of other uses. From containers within the house, garden shed and greenhouse to covering those plastic pots and flower boxes if you already have them and don’t want to replant. They are just so much more pleasing to the eye than plastic.

They are 100% natural and it shows. At present the outside is quite smooth but they do moult a little. The ones I saw at Wisley were very hairy, but of course you just plant them in the ground and they naturally decompose. That means they have great potential for children’s gardening as you can grow one of 2 seeds per pot and then plant in the garden without your kids having the fiddle of transplanting the seedlings. Out of the ground the small pots last for about 12 months and the trough for 2/3 years.

The pots come from Sri Lanka which is a country very close to my heart. We were out there at Christmas and saw the coconut husks being collected. Any purchase of goods from there may just help the economy to pick itself up now that peace has arrived. There is loads of information here and whilst more expensive than the plastic version they will not break the bank. I’d be really interested to know what other people think about them.


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