CBeebies, Gardening and Mr Bloom’s Nursery

At the beginning of last year I wrote a piece on the blog about CBeebies and Gardening.  The BBC has now applied even more creativity to its childrens’ programming and produced an entertaining veggie puppet show with Mr Bloom’s Nursery.  Its worth a watch even if you don’t have kids – well a short watch.  Its website has a great range of games and gardening related actitivies for younger children.

At the core of the daily life of the nursery are a group of singing, talking and moving veggies with rather traditional names.  There is Margaret the Cabbage and Joan the Fennel.  Soft toy vegetables are rather more endearing then the usual plastic vegetables available as part of food sets.  If you like the toys on Mr Bloom’s Nursery then you are bound to fall in love with those featured our kidsinthegardenshop.  Each character has floppy arms and legs and a very smiley face.

Kids in the Garden Soft Toy Vegetables


Tom Turnip
Tammy Tomato

Will they encourage and inspire your children to get growing and to eat vegetables?  They certainly will entertain them and provide loads of fun and from the planting of little seedlings great things can grow.





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