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What to Plant with your Kids in September and October

As well as tidying up the garden ready for winter you can still sow and plant in the autumn.   A spot of gardening with the kids is an ideal activity for a warm autumn afternoon.   Late autumn is, in fact, the best time to plant shrubs and trees, including fruit trees. Some of the vegetables […]

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bean teepee

Sowing Those Beans

    Time to sow. I run a children’s gardening website, but strangely enough I rarely get around to writing a blog post about the sowing and growing process.  Absurd really as it is the essence of gardening.  As a family we grow quite a few vegetables though my son is not always involved in […]

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What Vegetables to Sow and Grow with your Kids in March and April

Vegetables to Plant Outside with your Kids in March and April March and April is the time of year when the sowing and growing season really starts.  Here are some ideas about what vegetables and fruit you can start growing with your kids.   That’s a long list of vegetables.  If you are new to […]

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Freshly harvested radishes

What to Plant with your Kids in July

There is still time to sow and plant vegetables in July and see them harvested either before the end of the summer holidays or by late autumn.  The good thing about growing this time of year is that you can sow directly into outside pots or the ground.  No need to worry about sowing indoors […]

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Floral Friday: Edible Flowers – Courgette Flowers

Today I am introducing Floral Friday. A regular post every Friday on flowering plants to grow with your kids, and to have in your garden. All the plants featured will be ‘family friendly’. By this I mean they will either:- Grow easily and be a ‘good doer’. May self –seed. Will have a point of […]

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Growing with Kids 1 – Radishes

Radish harvest     We are adding a few more veg to our repertoire this year.  Lots of kids gardening books suggest that one of the easiest vegetables to grow with kids are radishes and guess what they are right.  Our little bunch above were planted at the end of half term, in early June […]

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Happy First Birthday. Garden Stars of the Year

We have had a great first year on the blog. When I asked my son what he had enjoyed most about our garden, without any hesitation he listed the following:- Digging. Looking at the vegetables and feeling how heavy they were. Eating the vegetables. Finding ‘bones’ in the soil. Gardens are great spaces to reflect […]

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How Did Your Vegetables Grow

  September 2010   April 2010 I posted back in February about the new vegetable plot in the garden and you’ll see from the photo that it is now full of vegetables and vegetation. We have had great success in growing tomatoes, courgettes, strawberries and beans and are currently harvesting daily. The tomatoes have been prolific. […]

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Frogs in a Grow Bag

We have always had numerous types of frogs in our garden. A green frog watering can, stone frogs and some made of cast iron. Although we do not have a pond there have always been real frogs. One of which came all the way with me to the rubbish tip and back again. Than goodness […]

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My New Vegetable Plot

One of my major gardening projects this year has been to create a veg plot at the bottom of my garden. For years there has been a raised platform made from railway sleepers upon which I have placed various large pots and objects. We haven’t been able to use it as a surface in the […]

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