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RHS Chelsea

Family Friendly Gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show

  The gardens on show at the Chelsea Flower Show are always inspiring, with fabulous planting schemes, inspiring design and often with a real wow factor.  Sometimes though it is difficult to see how some of the ideas behind the gardens would work for those of us with smaller plots, even tinier budgets and less […]

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Why My Gardening is Like My Cooking: A Visit to Chelsea Flower Show 2012

If you watch and read the press coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show you may get the impression that it is all about grand designs, complicated planting scheme and unusual plants. Whilst these are a major focus of the Show and they were great to see and be inspired by when I visited last Wednesday, […]

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Children’s Gardens at RHS Chelsea

A Child’s Garden in Wales The Chelsea Flower Show must be one of the few UK flower shows that does not encourage children to attend.  I only saw one child visitor and two children behind a stand on the day I attended. Children’s growing was highlighted in several gardens this year. My favourite was A Child’s Garden […]

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Three Doors at RHS Chelsea that all Kids will Love

I visited the Chelsea Flower Show in London yesterday.  If you are in the UK you will know that the papers and television have been overflowing with reviews of it.  The show certainly lived up to expectations.  I arrived as the gates opened at 8.00am which allowed for a quiet first hour and enabled me to take photos without […]

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2010

I have been wondering whether to go to the Chelsea Flower show this year. There is usually something about children’s gardening. It looks as if the Children’s Society will be hosting another garden this year, one for the modern family. Designer Mark Gregory has taken his inspiration from the Society’s Well-being report. This found from […]

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