A Christmas Star from the Garden

Star Made from DOGWOOD


Christmas Star
Christmas Star
Last spring when I cut back my dogwood in the front garden I had good intentions.  I knew that the lovely red stems which had brightened up the garden all winter long could be put to further use.  I hadn’t expected it to take me quite so long to use them.  Last weekend we brought the holly and other foliage in from the garden and settled down to decorate the house. This year the holly has produces loads of berries and the blackbirds have been feeding off them.  I have therefore decided no twigs with berries in the house this year.  They are to be left in the garden for the birds to feast from.   So the dogwood star we have made provides us with some festive red.
Bunch of Dogwood Stems
A bunch of Dogwood Stems

We started with the bunch of stems and then cut nine lengths of the same size.  We then tied triple stems to from a triangle.  It would have been lovely to use the red raffia.  However for my six year, and also myself, it was far too difficult connecting all the pieces of twigs whist trying to tie.  Our solution was to use red rubber bands.  After making another triangle all we needed to do was to attach the two together and our star was born.

We hope you like it. Other flexible stems could also be used, especially those from willows. Merry Christmas.  Hope you manage to bring some of your garden into the house this holiday.  And I don’t mean mud!
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