30 Days Wild

We are joining in the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild Challenge which runs for all of June. Anyone can have a go just see below to see how easy it is. The Wildlife Trust will send to you a really helpful pack.


Day 1 Buttercup Meadow


Buttercup Meadow

It’s Half Term and we are enjoying country life in Dorset. My son’s School has decided the join in the run to Rio which they have calculated involves all pupils & staff at the school running 4 miles a week. So we are off for a run and decide to walk to the trailway where there is easy running. It’s a route we haven’t walked before.  We will be going again because we came across two large field of golden buttercups. It was a wonderful surprise. As there were footpaths running around & through the fields we were able immerse ourselves in these lovely flowers.  This was a real treat and we felt very privileged. Both buttercups and cow parsley seem to be doing really well this year.

Buttercup Meadow


I have had a few buttercups self seed in my garden and I am really pleased that I have left them rather than treat them as a weed.

Day 2 Dandelion Clocks

Dandelion Clocks

We are searching the fields and the hedgerows just to see what we can see. Another common weed is spotted. That old favourite, a dandelion. We hadn’t played the game with dandelions for a good couple of years. You know, the one where you try and tell the time by seeing how many blows it takes to remove all the dandelion parachute seeds from the dandelion clock. This time I decided to capture the moment the seeds released into to air.  A slight photo fail as I now realise you need a blue sky as background to show up the tiny seeds. Good fun to try though.

Blowing Dandelion Clocks


Day 3 Leaf Art

Leaf Art

Back in London today. I wonder if our wild days will become more difficult?  Decided to concentrate on the garden and wondered about creating some land art. As we stared to pick some leaves I realised there were so many shades of green.


leaf art



So here we are we have a collection of leaves from the back garden arranged from light to darker green and ending with our red collection.  These are from an Acer, Persicaria and Hechuras.

I can’t promise that all leaves are included. In fact I made a decision not to pick one of my snail shredded hosta leaves. Perhaps I will do a challenge covering animal activity in the garden.

Our display has made us realise just how how many hues of green there are and when you look out into the garden it is a real patchwork of shades and different shapes.









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