30 Days Wild. Days 4 to 6 Patterns in Nature, Giant Leaves & A Mini- Beast Hunt

We are on a roll with our 30 Days Wild with the Wildlife Trusts.  You can read about our earlier adventures, shades of green and buttercup wanders here

Day 4 Patterns in Nature

We took the time to really look what is growing in our garden, large & small, colourful & plain. Here’s what we found. Clockwise left to right and top to bottom.

Patterns in nature


The foxglove is the most popular plant in my garden for the bees. The patterns on the flowers have the most clever runway markers to direct the bees to inside the flowers.

This bark comes from a corkscrew willow, which  sadly died a little while ago. I haven’t had the heart to cut it down and the corkscrew branches are still attractive. The bareness of the tree shows off the stem.

Snails are plentiful in my garden and , of course they come in all shapes & sizes. Their shells are really quite beautiful.

This tiny plant is growing around my back doorstep and has now migrated to the paving. I had never noticed this pattern before.

Day 5 Giant Leaves

We visited to Syon Park Gardens in Isleworth as the gardens were landscaped by Capability Brown & my son is completing a school project about him.  We stood a long time looking at the Gunnera and imagining them and us back into a Jurassic age. I wish I’d been short enough to stand underneath them.



Day 6 Mini-beast Hunt in Bushy Park

Sunday saw a walk and a Mini Beast Hunt in Bushy Park.

I realised early on that photographing mini-beasts would not be easy with an I phone.  Should have brought the the SLR & macro lense. Yet actually it was an interesting lesson.  There is a difference in observing nature to actually recording that observation. It is really much more relaxing to just see with eyes and listen with ones ears. The actual capture of that moment in form of a photo adds a stress that could detract from the actual  experience.   I do however have one photo for you. On flowering nettles worker ants were removing greenfly back to their nest.




I Have been following and enjoying other people adventures on Twitter & Instagram.  Please let me know if you are joining in the fun.






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