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bean teepee

Sowing Those Beans

    Time to sow. I run a children’s gardening website, but strangely enough I rarely get around to writing a blog post about the sowing and growing process.  Absurd really as it is the essence of gardening.  As a family we grow quite a few vegetables though my son is not always involved in […]

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Nature at the London Wetlands Centre

My family and I just love the London Wetlands Centre.  We have enjoyed so many visits over the years.  My son held his 6th birthday party there, when the sun shone for us even in January.   Our visit on Sunday did not disappoint.  In fact it was perfection and lovely to revisit it after a gap of […]

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Catkins and Pussy Willow

Do you remember as a child spotting these two iconic heralders of spring?  They seem to have passed me by over the last couple of years, although you they seem to be more easily seen and purchased in florists now.  Except for Christmas holly it is one of the rare occasions when we bring parts […]

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Easter Egg Grassheads and Cressheads

Easter Egg Grass Heads

Growing Ideas for Easter   Easter is prime sowing and growing time in the garden.  So why not try to make these Easter egg grassheads and cressheads.  They are fun, you may have most of the ingredients already in the house and they germinate and grow very fast.  In 2/3 weeks the eggs should have a […]

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What Vegetables to Sow and Grow with your Kids in March and April

Vegetables to Plant Outside with your Kids in March and April March and April is the time of year when the sowing and growing season really starts.  Here are some ideas about what vegetables and fruit you can start growing with your kids.   That’s a long list of vegetables.  If you are new to […]

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