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Chimney pot with flowers

Grandma’s Garden

We have been staying with Grandma for the last week of the summer holidays.  One of the joys of visiting her is to see how her garden is growing.  It always looks lovely.  The garden was professionally landscaped about 12 years ago.  This means it has lots of structure and interest.  My mum is a […]

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Shrimping in Brittany

Harvest from the Sea

  This week we have been having outdoor fun in Brittany and partaking in one of our favourite activities – searching for shellfish.  This time though we weren’t crabbing but shrimping.  Our first time crabbing this year was not at all successful, but we have since had some great catches. I have to admit that […]

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My Garden In August

The stars of my garden this month have to be the Echinacea.  They are so showy and statuesque.  I am loving the fact that when they attract bees the bees seem to stay on them for so long. They must really love their nectar.  We had a very heavy prolonged shower early in the wee […]

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bridge over Stour

A Walk on the Waterside

I have been pondering how many people consider going for a walk a form of outdoor play.  I don’t mean the go for a walk to the shops type of walk, but where you set out to have an adventure and a voyage of discovery.  The sort of walk that’s a bit of a treasure […]

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