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My Garden In July

This July has been has hard for the flowers in my garden and I think probably for a lot of gardens in the UK.  They were baked and scorched by temperatures of over 30 degrees.  Now at the end of the month heavy summer rain is giving them a good battering.  My hostas are suffering […]

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Just One Crab, Please

  Crabbing is a favourite activity in our household.    It ranks above going to the beach and even better than a trip fossil hunting.  We have crabbed on the River Dart in Devon, on the Dorset coast and in Emsworth, West Sussex.  It’s a lovely coastal activity, combining the outdoors, wildlife and anticipation as to […]

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Hampton Court Flower Show

Hampton Court Flower Show: Ideas for Family Gardens

The UK has over 15 million gardens and a large proportion of these will be owned by families with children.  So it is not surprising that every year some of the gardens at the Hampton Court Flower Show have some inspiring ideas for family gardens.  This year two gardens caught my eye. The One Show […]

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Hampton Court Flower Show - Frog hotel

Hampton Court Flower Show: The Birds and the Bees

I was lucky enough to visit the Hampton Court Flower Show on Monday.  A wonderful visit made after a gap of several years with a New Zealand friend.  I hadn’t really briefed her about what to expect from the Show.  It made me realise that, of course, it’s not all about plants, flowers and vegetables.  […]

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Freshly harvested radishes

What to Plant with your Kids in July

There is still time to sow and plant vegetables in July and see them harvested either before the end of the summer holidays or by late autumn.  The good thing about growing this time of year is that you can sow directly into outside pots or the ground.  No need to worry about sowing indoors […]

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