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virginia creeper over fence

What Grows Over your Garden Fence?

I am in the process of cutting back foliage.  It’s a routine task in my garden.  On one side of me my neighbours grow ivy up their fence.  The property is rented so the garden isn’t really maintained.  I’ve learnt my lesson.  You need to get to grips with ivy early on as it is […]

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cleaning the paving

A Different Sort of Watering the Garden with Kids

All children seem to love watering the garden in some shape or form.  Whether as a toddler it is tipping a whole watering can onto one poor seedling or progressing onto hosing all the borders.  It’s a great form of water play with a useful twist.  When you have hot weather and have to water […]

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Walking in Glen Shiel

Scotland the Best – Coral Beach, Mountain Top Snow and a Munroe

For me there are two outdoor activities in this country that top the lot.  Camping and a visit, especially some walking, in the Scottish Highlands.  My 8 yr. old has done both of these before, though not for three years so we were all really excited about our trip  last week to one of the […]

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