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May in My Garden

  May is when my garden really starts gowing and blooming and this year thanks to all the Forget me nots I have a full border.  I seem to have a garden full of mauve, yellow and purple flowers.  Not a white or red bloom to be seen.  The Wallflower ‘Bowles Mauve’, Aquileja and Geranium ‘Bill […]

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RHS Chelsea

Family Friendly Gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show

  The gardens on show at the Chelsea Flower Show are always inspiring, with fabulous planting schemes, inspiring design and often with a real wow factor.  Sometimes though it is difficult to see how some of the ideas behind the gardens would work for those of us with smaller plots, even tinier budgets and less […]

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tree faces

Making Tree Faces for the Garden

We have always been fans of tree faces in our household.  We loved the one in the photo above.  This was brought as a kit and delighted my son when he was very little.  I have always thought it really effective.  However it had never occurred to me that you could make your own.  That […]

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Tree faces

A Perfect Day Outdoors – Helped by a Trail with Sticks

What’s your idea of a perfect day outdoors?  Often it depends on your mood, invariably the weather plays an important part and it is usually very difficult to please everybody. Well last weekend we came as close to perfect as possible.  Thank you weather for performing for once.    Thank you also to The National Trust […]

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Bee on Calendula

10 Simple Steps to Creating a Bee Friendly Garden

A bee friendly garden is a family friendly garden.  How so you may say?  Well it is estimated that 78% of flowering plants rely on bees and other insects to reproduce. Worldwide, of the 100 crop species that provide 90% of the world’s food, over 70 are pollinated by bees. A world without bees will […]

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