Children’s Gardening and Outdoor Play

Looking for simple gardening projects for your kids and ideas on outdoor games and kid’s garden ideas? Need help with creating a child friendly garden and growing your own plants and vegetables with your children?  Would you like your children to spend more time out playing in the garden?

Then this is the website for you and your family. It has lots of information and ideas on turning your garden into a family friendly space and free resources to inspire your kids to play in the garden.  It will help you to engage them with the outdoors and get your children started on gardening and appreciating the natural world. And you, you get to grow your kids and grow your garden at the same time.

Play in the Garden

You may remember gardening as a child and have precious memories of play in the garden.  If you also want your children to love gardens and gardening then:

  1. You can show how much you love your own garden, even if it just consists of a few pots of herbs.  It is fun to garden and grow with your kids.
  2. Surround them with all sorts of gardening and outdoor projects, small and ambitious.  Some solely for children, but others for the whole family.
  3. Consider how you can give your children good garden experiences, both with gardening and outdoor play in the garden.

Autumn Activities with Your Kids in the Garden


Girl on Swing

Leaf crowns, leaf prints and leaf rubbings are some of the great free ideas for play listed in our Autumn Activities with Your Kids in the Garden page.

Christmas Crafts from the Garden

A Christmas Star from the Garden

Make a Christmas Star from Dogwood

Christmas Star

A Reindeer Made From Twigs 

We collected these twigs from the park one day  and transformed them into a seasonal rustic reindeer.

Twig reindeer

Kidsinthegarden Top 5 Outdoorable Christmas Presents for Kids

Encourage your children to go outside and have fun.  Take a look at our ideas for Christmas presents with an outdoor twist.


Journey Sticks

Children and sticks just go together perfectly.  Next time you are out for a walk with your family have a go at these Journey Sticks.  You could even try them in the garden.  Happy memories.


journey stick






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